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January 2018
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About Me & Contact

About Me & Contact

So… Who are you?
I am WhiteLight

Yes, you see.. Light is White, White light makes up all the colors…. When light fluctuates in different frequencies, our eyes percieve those as colors?
Without Light you can’t see.. And all you need is Light for a great Photograph.. 😀

Ugh… if we are done with the joking, can we have some real answers?
Hi all! I am Pramodh M Acharya, a photographer from Bangalore. (Better?)

Maybe… What do you do?
Err.. Who’s joking now? I said I was a Photographer <Glee>

RAP! How did that happen? Were you born with a camera in your hand?
Alright! Well, what i said above is true.. My journey into photography was quite by accident.. or divine intervention.. Call it what you like.
But the moment this ‘accident/intervention’ happened, i was like a duck who found water for the first time in his life.
I was gifted a DSLR for my birthday by my wife not very long ago.
The moment i got the camera in my hand… Eureka! I just knew everything there was to know about photography..

Not really… The camera i first got was a catalyst of sorts…
A bridge between me and my passion and everlasting peace and all that..

How did it feel?
Like a spanking new camera! Who doesn’t love new Gadgets! okay fine…
Well, i really did not know anything except that once i started learning, it just began flowing in to me. Like i was meant to do this..
It wasn’t very long before i realized that the camera is nothing but a tool in your hand.. like the chisel a scupltor would use.. By itself, the chisel is useless without a sculptor who can see with his soul & what he envisions the slab of stone as.

 Anything ‘About You’ that’s not related to Photography?
Before you try to get smart, something about yourself considering this to be a ‘About’ page.
I seem to have been blessed with one thing that everyone in this world needs, most people wish – the best family in the whole wide world.
If i am anywhere today, i grant everything, wholly, to my family who have supported me right from the get go. I was inserted into this reality 30 years back & it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride…Have enjoyed most of it so far!
I currently work in Business Development & Sales for a private firm based out of Bangalore.

So, how do people Contact you?
You can Subscribe to this site to receive updates when i post something new.

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