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January 2018
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Category: Macro

Bugs in the Bangalore Flower Show :)

If you’ve had a read through the Bangalore Flower Show Post, you would have seen a LOT of Flowers 🙂 To balance the Flowers, we have so many bugs as an added attraction. Must say, not sure if it was the sheer number of Flowers on the number of people who were present at any
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Bangalore Flower Show – August 2013

Lalbagh is the Queen of all gardens in Bangalore & twice every year a Flower Show is hosted during India’s Independence Day & Republic Day. The event is jointly organized by Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society., this flower show has been one of the most awaited events in the Garden City. The number of participants
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Am Bugged at Home!

So it’s been a few days since i got my awesome Nikon 105mm Micro Lens & realized i didn’t really have to go hunting for spots to shoot or wait for the perfect sunsrise or cloud formation or just funny looking people. I just took a walk around my house, i didn’t even step out
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A trip to the Garden – Lalbagh

Well, being very kicked as i was with the new piece of glass, i decided i had to go to the best place to shoot some flowers & bugs. My ever supportive wife was thrilled about this too and suggested we go to Lalbagh – a botanical garden in Bangalore. We parked some distance away as
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Macro Mania !!!

They say there comes a time in every photographer’s life, a need to explore ‘Macro’ Macro photography is a genre of photography where images produced are life-size or larger. So you would see an image at 1:1 dimensions & can be magnified up to 1:24 ! When you start looking at everything in such close
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